BSA Document from 1935 Trying to Reconstruct Early History before 1911

BSA Has No Documents Prior to January 1911 - They have been lost

June 21, 1910 Meeting with Seton Thompson and other leaders about merging their groups into the BSA. There still were no official member troops in the BSA until July 1, 1910.

November 1940 Internal BSA Memo About The First Scout Troop

The BSA has no documentation in their archives prior to January, 1911

The BSA could not determine with certainty which was the very first Troop to join the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). However they felt it most likely that Springfield, Massachusetts was first. The BSA did not have the newspaper document to the right from page 5 of the November 9, 1910 "Barre Daily Times". That article states that the Secretary of the BSA said, Barre, Vermont was first, and Springfield, Massachusetts was second.

"The Barre Daily Times" November 9, 1910, page 5

William Foster Milne Organized the very first boy scout organization in the USA

According to the Secretary of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1 of Barre Vermont was First and Springfield, Massachusetts was second.